Rodrigo Monte had his first photography class in 1988. Two years later, he was working as a photo-assistant for a studio in Rio de Janeiro. In 1991 he did a long internship on a feature film (“Era uma vez…” by Arturo Uranga), working in several departments such as locations, directing, editing and camera. He continued assisting photographers and cinematographers until 1993, when he moved to NY in order to broaden his experience.
There, he shot three short films (NYU), did some camera assisting and worked mainly for photographer Claudio Edinger and director/photographer James Moore.
Back in Brazil (1997), he went to full time camera assisting on several features and commercials. A Stronger relationship was developed with DoPs Gustavo Hadba (“Motorad” dir. Vicente Amorim), Marcelo Brasil and Affonso Beato ASC, (“Live Flesh” by Pedro Almodovar and “The Queen” by Stephen Frears) where he did second unit work and shared some jobs.
With the release of the feature documentary “Too much Brazil” (dir. Vicente Amorim) in 2001, Rodrigo made his transition to camera operating and director of photography, shooting a number of commercials, music videos and the feature film ” A Cartomante” (2004). The short film “Desejo” (dir. Anne P. Guimarães) brought him a prize for best cinematography in the International Film Festival of Gramado (2005). In 2006, Rodrigo worked on the feature film “Love in the time of Cholera”(dir. Mike Newell), as a camera operator and second unit director of photography. He also won the 2007 Brazilian Association of Cinematography trophy for best cinematography with the sort film “Ballad of Two Girls from Botafogo” (dir. João Caetano Feyer and Fernando Valle). During the same year, he worked as camera operator on several feature films, such as: “GOOD” (dir. Vicente Amorim), “Last Stop 174” (dir. Bruno Barreto) e “The Incredible Hulk” (dir. Louis Leterrier).
In 2008, Rodrigo shot the feature film “The Inventor of Dreams” (dir. Ricardo Nauemberg) and dedicated 2009 to shoot 13 episodes of a TV series for MTV Brazil called “Descolados”.
The feature film “Dirty Hearts” (dir. Vicente Amorim), was shot by him during 2010, a period piece, based on conflicts in the Japanese comunity, during the WW2 on the country side of São Paulo. In 2011, he shot 10 episodes of the TV series “Invisible Woman”, directed by Claudio Torres, Carolina Jabor e Selton Mello. A Conspiração films production for Globo Network, which won best international TV series on the 2012 Emmy awards.
2012/2013 was dedicated to shoot features films “Beatriz” (dir. Alberto Graça) and “Trust Me” (dir. Michel Tikhomiroff). He also was the director of photography for three seasons of “In Treatment” (dir. Selton Mello), based on Hagai Levi award winning TV series, and “The Business”, for HBO/Mixer.
Rodrigo Monte won best cinematography in the ABC prize for TV programing with both “Invisible Woman” and “In Treatment” series.

Independent TV production has been increasing in Brazil, creating more opportunities to work on different narrative projects. Rodrigo was called to shoot several of these shows, such as: “Espinoza” (dir. Vicente Amorim and José Henrique Fonseca), “Lucia McCartney” (dir. José Henrique Fonseca), “PSI“(Showrunner Contardo Calligaris, with directors: Alex Gabassi, Tata Amaral, Bel Valiante, Max Calligaris and Rodrigo Meirelles). PSI won a silver Telly award for cinematography in 2016
He teamed with Claudio Torres for three seasons of his new project “Magnífica 70, for HBO Latin America, where he won another ABC Best Cinematography for TV programing in 2016.
Lately he worked with director Luciano Moura on “Thirteen Days Away from the Sun”, a Globo Network prime time show, and Bruno Barreto’s “The American Guest”, for HBO Latin America, is currently on post production.